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  3. Paris (by DavidGalletly)


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  5. Speaking for Yourself


    I get a lot of notes from people who are starting out doing speaking gigs for money. It’s something I’ve done a fair number of times, and I know how hard it can be to get it right. Not just at first, but really for as long as you choose to do it.

    Personally, the speaking stuff is far from difficult for me; but, pretty much everything before and after the gig can be nothing short of a black art.

    So, while this thing started as a short email to a friend asking for advice—what the heck. In the interest of saving myself some future typing—and maybe potentially helping people learn what I wish I’d known starting out—here’s one fella’s incredibly opinionated guide to getting a smarter start in speaking for dough.

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  6. (via The Last Pub Quiz - Blog - David Galletly)

    TODAY (Sunday 23rd September) sees the last ever Nicky-Tams Pub Quiz hosted by myself and my good friend Stuart. It is the end of an era (for us, at least)

    If you are in, or can can make it to Stirling at around 8.30 / 9pm, stop by Nicky-Tams Bar & Bothy on Baker Street where we’ll be playing the best music in town, hosting the quiz (general knowledge / name-that-tune / picture rounds) and giving away prizes.

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  11. Be a nice person. ALWAYS BE A NICE PERSON. I don’t know what it is about design in general that makes people think they’re gods, but they’re not. Neither are you and neither am I. You can be a success just as easy as a failure. If you’re a good person and you treat others right, it will help you when you’re at your lowest.

  12. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is my favourite Queens of The Stone Age song.



  14. (via Girl Skateboards: Modern Chair Series - Blog - David Galletly)

    Old Girl Skateboards designs. Used to have the Jeron Wilson one - it was my first ever ‘real’ deck.